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Dream Pusher Music

Dream Pusher is a one-of-a-kind music project that has a cool background story. Steve Hodges, the main artist involved, grew up outside of Philadelphia and has always been involved with the local music scene. He has been playing guitar and writing songs for most of his life, and he is now experiencing a very prolific wave of songwriting and a dedicated father, he taught his son how to play guitar when he was only 5. Dan at age16 started playing in the band now 24, eight years later, they still play together, and they gave way to an amazing project named Dream Pusher. Their father-son bond is incredible, and their passion for music is truly remarkable. Because of their shared background, the two have developed a very special and elusive blend of creative synergy, the kind of match that's so difficult to find.  Their latest single release, "Time of Day," has just been finalized, and the pair is eagerly anticipating its widespread release, which will happen on 9/22. 

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NEW RELEASE: Time of Day

The father-son duo managed to capture the true energy of rock.

Time Of Day (3000 × 3000 px).png

As the first electrifying chords of "Time of Day" reverberate through the speakers, you can almost feel the raw energy surging through your veins. This alternative rock track is a fist-pumping listening experience that grabs you by the collar and refuses to let go until the last note fades into the ether. Dream Pusher's perfectly marries its energy-fueled, attention-grabbing performances with an engaging songwriting style that makes excellent use of gloriously crunchy guitar progressions, soaring vocal hooks, and reflective lyrical themes, resulting in a sure crowd-pleaser that will get even the most hesitant of rock lovers bouncing.
The rhythm section of the band is a force to be reckoned with. The drums provide a thunderous backbone, propelling the song forward with relentless intensity. The bass guitar adds a deep, rumbling groove that you can feel in your chest, anchoring the track in a way that keeps your feet tapping and your body moving. All the while, the contrasting guitar textures help provide a number of distinct tonal colors between the song's various sections. The vocals are able to easily match the intensity of the music and boast a towering sense of conviction that ensures every word hits you with a sense of purpose. These elements are all nicely threaded into an effective arrangement that flows exceptionally well and offers plenty in the way of melodic variation.

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Special thanks to Marc Frigo for the stellar work he has done here, the mixes are incredible!! Thank you, Bill Watson, for putting together all the award-winning great musicians who played their hearts out with us on these songs! Thank you  all, Sounds so great!

Jim Riley Drums (RASCAL FLATTS)

Tom Wild Guitar 

Bill Watson Bass 

Steve King- Piano/keyboards 

Also we hope everyone enjoys the awesome keyboard by our friend Tim Donovan who passed away last year. His contribution to our music over the years has meant so much to us, he was a great talent and a good friend who always inspired us to be our best!

Keeping Music Alive

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About Steve Hodges

Throughout the course of his musical career, Steve Hodges has written songs,played along some amazing musicians and performed many great shows. A lifelong guitar player singer songwriter Steve's first original band sold out their first concert and from there it was clear that music was something he would do the rest of his life.


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About Dan Hodges

Throughout the course of his musical life, Dan Hodges has made playing guitar,writing songs and singing number one. Starting out at the age of 5 learning guitar Dan Made his first TV singing debut alongside his dad in the family's restaurant commercial. Now playing a mean lead guitar and singing backups on these songs. DAN HAS AMAZING TALENT AND A BRIGHT FUTURE IN MUSIC!


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