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Artist Info

Dream Pusher is a one-of-a-kind music project that has a cool background story. Steve Hodges, the main artist involved, grew up outside of Philadelphia and has always been involved with the local music scene. He has been playing guitar and writing songs for most of his life, and he is now experiencing a very prolific wave of songwriting and creativity. In other words, he's been writing the very best songs of his life, but there's so much more to it: as a dedicated father, he taught his son how to play 
guitar when he was only 5. Dan at age 16 started playing in the band now 24, eight years later, they still play together, and they gave way to an amazing project named Dream Pusher. Their father-son bond is incredible, and their passion for music is truly remarkable. Because of their shared background, the two have developed a very special and elusive blend of creative synergy, the kind of match that's so difficult to find. The reason why so many bands fail to make it is that they never find that spark, but Dream Pusher definitely managed to capture a very special vibe here. The two decided to take their sound to the next level, recording their music in Nashville with a team of top-notch musicians, as well as a multi-platinum mix engineer, resulting in powerful and high-quality tracks that will stand the test of time. Our music has been blessed by the presence of the best players in country.

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